Cottage Meeting Topics

Welcome, Big Ocean! Here is a list of Big Ocean Tenets and Culture Articles. Big Ocean philosophy includes six Culture Articles and eight Tenets. We seek to build a positive, light-filled culture. Culture Articles help us explore this culture and positively shift our paradigms. Tenets are the foundational principles of Big Ocean.

After following the links, you will find resources for monthly cottage meetings. Each page includes a video, description, and discussion questions. Cottage leaders may use each topic in any order, and take as long as needed with a specific tenet and ensuing discussion.


We believe in God and are Women of Faith

Internal Compass

We recognize and follow our intuitive internal compass to speak and act with integrity.

Free to Choose

We are free to choose, and willingly accept responsibility for our choices.


We value the irreplaceable role of fathers and build interdependent relationships with men.

Feminine Nature

 We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology, and we honor our procreative power.

Worthy of Respect

We are each unique and innately worthy of respect.

Life Culture

We live and promote a Life Culture and environmental ethic and are stewards over our environment.

Knowledge and Wisdom

We seek after knowledge and wisdom.


We foster a positive culture of abundance.

Powerful Impact

We believe in the Model of Powerful Impact, that true power comes from within, then extends to our families, communities, and the world.

Global Sisterhood

We work in partnership with our global sisters to create generative solutions.


We greatly value the unique and contributing roles of families.