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Frequently Asked Questions about Big Ocean Cottages

Question: What is a Cottage?

Answer: A Big Ocean Cottage is a local group of like-minded women who meet regularly to discuss and act upon Big Ocean tenets.  The mission of a cottage is to gather, inform, and train women to use their devotion to faith, family, and motherhood to reframe the challenges facing the human family and create positive, generative solutions.  As Big Ocean members gather in cottages throughout the world, we hope we can meet the following goals: inspire, inform, serve.

Question: I want to start a cottage in my area, what do I need to do?

Answer: To start a new cottage, you will need at least one other woman to become a cottage leader with you. Our organization is led by everyday women and we believe you can do this!

Next, contact the Big Ocean Executive Cottage Committee by emailing The cottage committee will set up a phone call with each leader to talk about Big Ocean philosophies. After this, leaders can begin the cottage leader training online and join leader training calls. Once approved, you can begin holding monthly Big Ocean cottage meetings to discuss tenets, organize around causes, and serve.

Question: I would like to join a cottage in my area. How do I find out about it?

Answer: Please email and we will get back to you about whether or not there is a cottage in your area.

If there is not a cottage in your area, you are welcome to start the cottage leader process to become a leader and start your own cottage.

Question: What if I don’t live near a Big Ocean Cottage? How can I still be involved?

Answer: Join Big Ocean by signing up HERE.  Once signed up, you will receive our email newsletter with invitations to our virtual cottage meetings and announcements about future cottage developments. You may want to attend one of our Virtual Cottage meetings via video teleconference from home. Also, follow Big Ocean Women on Facebook and participate in post discussions and Facebook Live events.

Question: I can’t commit to attending live cottage meetings at this time, but I love Big Ocean philosophy. What can I do to become involved?

Answer: Officially join Big Ocean by signing up HERE. You will receive monthly newsletters via email. Also, take time to explore the Big Ocean website and educate yourself on our tenets and philosophy, follow Big Ocean Women on Facebook and @bigoceanwomen on Instagram or Twitter, and take a minute to share Big Ocean posts on social media. We’d love for you to donate to our cause HERE.

Cottage meetings consist of the following parts. 

  1. Welcome
  2. Discussion of Big Ocean philosophy
  3. Action Plan

Here are three videos of a Big Ocean cottage meeting.